Letter From The Chairman



In today’s time commerce is different now with the great impact of globalism. We are kind of having a turning point. It ıs widely accepted that there is no future in trading just domestically in a way closed to outside world.


In this turning point  after 40 years of experience, we think it is high time we kept up with the changes. We are content and happy to increase our commercial life from wheat trade to hotel administrations, furniture stores and real estate agencies


As Hekimoğlu Corporation, we are organized to face give endless service to our customers highest demands and requests. For this reason we entered in an environment open to outside world, giving qualified service focusing on its customers and supported ourselfs with new way of thinking.


Because we believe that the quality increase the concious consumer and the concious consumer increase the quality.


At this point, with the hope and ambition to succeed to go further in giving enthusiastic efforts to service sector, cooperating to protection of consumer, etic and global standarts.


With respect,


Zafer Hekimoğlu

The Senior Executive